The Creative Process by Sarah Yang


A ten minute presentation on the importance of creativity, how we are all creative, and practical steps to getting back to our native way of thinking. Recorded at Cisco’s Corporate Affairs Q4 FY14 All Hands.

Feel free to share and leave feedback. Here’s to the creativity in each of you!


Sarah Yang has a successful 15 year track record producing award-winning media:
• Producer of two short films nominated in five national film festivals (won 3 awards)
• Co-producer of a music album (25,000+ copies sold)
• Internationally published author (5,000 books sold)
• Keynote speaker on creativity and storytelling (audiences ranging from 100 – 30,000+)
• Improv and screen actor
Professional drummer
• Co-developer and co-teacher of the 12 week creative thinking course, Emerge
• Cisco Certified Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategist